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Easily Accessible

Secured network for your medical records and reports, easily accessible to doctors

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Ensuring delivery of authentic medicine’s to medical stores and patients without any inconsistencies

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Rewarding environment to reward you gifts using a mobile application for your day to day healthy activities

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About CureDApp

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Your Fitness Tracker
Powered On Blockchain

CureDApp, keep records of your daily miles you walked and steps you took. Keeps you motivated by Global leader-board, and rewards you Era Swap for task completions

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Your Medical Records
Secured On Blockchain

CureDApp is a central hub for medical data exchange between Hospitals, government agencies, pharmacies, fitness centers, research organizations, and insurance companies. So that relevant parties, assured by you can easily access your medical data on a single network

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Our Solution

Key factor benefits of CureDApp

Single App

All Your Fitness Stats & Medical Records in Single App


All your data stored on Secured & Decentralized network


Your records easily accessible by your relevant third parties


No complications like centralized platforms, using P2P mode


Connecting Pharmacy, Hospitals, Govt Agencies, and You

Healthy Community

Compete on Global Leader-board & Stay Fit, Stay Healthy

Blood Testing

Blood test by specialists using Blood testing device

Total Control

Patients get the total control over their health information

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Your Data Will Travel,
Shouldn't Your Security?

CureDApp uses blockchain to create a user-focused electronic health record and maintain a single true version of the user`s data.

CureDApp by implementing blockchain will transform the healthcare big data ecosystem by enabling data flow in a secure and structured way, to create patient-centric health information, management, and utilization hub

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Pharmaceuticals Supply
Chain on Blockchain

To make the supply chain less complex and more efficient, CureDApp tracks the complete journey of the supply chain using IoT Devices. IoT tenderly connect all physical objects in the global internet-based infrastructure for the purpose of exchanging information and communication

With IoT, CureDApp aims to support intelligent identification, location, tracking, monitoring and management

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